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RULES: Call Up Rule For Burloak Indoor Season

The same player should not be called up for more than 10 games for any team during the regular season. Games over the player allotment must be approved by the executive

Absolutely no call-ups during play offs including goalies

Each team can call up players per game to ensure they have enough to play and or have subs up to a maximum of 3 subs

A team may use Call up players from the other Divisions when their team has only 4 or more players and they do not want to forfeit a game.

All call-ups must be reported to BWRSL. BWRSL will assign this each season as to who its reported to. BWRSL will track the players/ games and #s of games each have played.

Team reps must advise the ref and the other teams reps before the game starts who their call up players are they must be added to the game sheet also.

No guest players are allowed. If you are not signed up with BWRSL to play in the BWRSLs outdoor season, then you are not eligible to play as a call up for BWRSL.

Call ups for Goalies are unlimited.

When calling up a goalie the player that is being called up for net must play the entire game in net for it not to count against their allotment of 10 games

There will be no stay ups for the 2017/2018 Indoor Season

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