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RULES: BWRSL Call Up Rules And Procedures (Outdoor/Indoor)

A team may use Call up players from the other Divisions, when their team has only 4 or more players and they do not want to forfeit a game.

  1. General Rules:
    1. Player Eligibility
      Open Division may use call ups from all divisions

      Over -30 Division may use call ups from all divisions

      Over -35 Division may use call up s from all divisions however the player must be a minimum age of 30 yrs old

      The is no age restriction for goalies

      Competitive players cannot be called upon to play as call ups in the recreational divisions ( Sundays and Tuesdays) unless they are also registered on one of these rec teams in BWRSL.

      No guest players are allowed. If you are not signed up with BWRSL to play in the BWRSLs outdoor season, then you are not eligible to play as a call up for BWRSL.

    2. Call up Eligibility

      Teams are only allowed to have call ups up to 14 players (3 subs). Goalie call ups are allowed regardless of the amount of players.

      A field player can only be called up for 6 games over the course of each season. A goalie has unlimited call ups provided they play net for the entire game. Games played over the allotment must be approved by the Executive prior to playing. (You have to have permission from the executive responsible for call ups).

      Absolutely no call-ups during play offs including goalies

  2. Reporting Rules:

    Call ups and Stay ups must be reported to the opposing team and added to the game sheet at the coin toss. If the other team is short players (less than 11) then you must give a call up/stay up to the other team so they have at least 11. If the opposing team declines the call up /stay up the decision is final. There will be no switching or requesting of call ups/stay ups during the game.

    Should players arrive after kick off call ups should be divided so teams are equal unless the opposing team has declined accepting them. If the additional players put you over 14 players the call ups are not permitted to continue playing.

    A call up/stay up that is playing goalie cannot be requested by the opposing team, even if that team is short.

    Call ups/Stay ups are reported via email ([email protected]) after your game. Provide their name and what team they played for. Please also indicate if they played goal for the entire game. BWRSL will track the players/ games and # of games each have played

    If call ups aren't reported you run the risk of losing the ability to have call ups altogether.

  3. Stay ups:

    Stay ups must be reported however does not count towards a player's 6 game allotment.

    A stay up is classified as a player that is playing a game either before or after you at the same group of fields. ie Norton, Cityview, Orchard etc. If they come from a different grouping of fields it is a call up

BWRSL reserves the right to make changes to these rules and will notify Team Representatives should changes be made mid season. Notification is done by posting it on the website under rules.
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