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BWRSL: Message to Burlington's Mayor and City Council

Good Morning Mayor and City Council,

I am reaching out to you again regarding the Framework and space allocation policies and Rates and Fees.I am a member of BWRSL. I brought to your attention last fall that rates and fees were increased for artificial turf fields without consulting or the inclusion of the sports users. The user groups were mislead in October that the matter would be heard by council in Nov or Dec 2019. This in fact was not true. It had been heard in September 2019 and not one usegroup was advised or given the opportunity to participate. This is not civic engagement. This is not transparency.

I am hoping your civic duty and to do the right thing pertaining to fairness, inclusiveness and of course honesty and transparency, will inspire you to correct this mistake regarding the 2020 budget and the 2% rate increase for artificial turf fields.

BWRSL delegated back in December 2019 regarding Rates and Fees and the new framework pertaining to space allocation. We appreciated that council heard our concerns and directed Staff to work with us and to be inclusive. BWRSL attended 2 framework meeting with the city and progress has been made. However not all our concerns have been heard by you our Councillors and civic leaders.

We are concerned that our voice was not heard regarding Rates and Fees. We had asked that the rates and fees be reconsidered and yet there has been no conversation on councils part to hear us or to do the right thing and claw back the increase.

We implore you to not continue to move forward with the 2% rate increase on artificial turf fields. Well I understand you approved the 2020 budget, you hold the power to make changes and do the right thing. We were not included nor consulted and we don't agree with it. Civic engagement is important, so is transparency. Do the right thing and fix this unjust decision. Mandate moving forward that no recommendations to increase rates and fees can be put forward without the user groups input, and don't move forward with this increase when you know Parks and Rec deliberately did not inform us. "Do not be fooled by the alleged oversight". Send a clear message that user groups input is important, so inclusion and honesty.

I thank you for your time and hope that you will make the right decision to ensure women in sport continue to have fair and equitable access and a say in our participation.

Sarah Merritt-Kellogg
President of BWRSL

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