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RULES: Indoor General Rules and Regulations

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1. Soccer cleats and shin pads must be worn in all games. Shin pads must be worn under the soccer socks and must be covered.

2. Knee and leg braces must be wrapped or covered completely to avoid injuring another player. This also includes casts and other sports or protective braces.

3. No jewellery of any kind can be worn during the games – see link

4. Full team uniform must be worn for all games. All players are responsible for providing their own black shorts, unless another colour has been agreed upon by your team reps and the executive.

5. Bwrsl has a zero tolerance policy towards ref/ player assault, verbal or physical. All ref’s decisions are final. Players contradicting or questioning ref’s decisions or calls will not be tolerated and can result in disciplinary action including being removed from the game and or the league.

6. If a team does not have a designated full time goalie, the position will be filled on a rotational basis by all the players on the team.

7. Seven Players on the field during the game.

8. Games are 55 minutes straight time.

9. All games must start on time, if teams are not ready, the time starts regardless and your game is shortened to ensure it ends on time so as to not delay the next game. It is the team’ responsibility to be ready to start when the ref blows the whistle.

10. All teams must submit their Game sheets at the start of each game to the ref.

11. Substitutions are ongoing, including goalie substitutions.

12. Teams must have a minimum of 5 players on the playing field to start a game. If at the start time they are not able to field a game they have 6 mins till default or start with 5 players. If at 6 mins no 5th player has arrived- game goes down as a default. If there are 5 or more players at the 6 mins able to play then the ref starts the clock. Regardless, and the game’s actual playing time is shorten because of the wait. (See rule 9)

13. If a team forfeits or is unable to field a team, the opposing team will be awarded the win by a goal margin of 2-0.

14. The maximum goal margin a team can win by is 9 goals.

15. NO SLIDE TACKLES ARE ALLOWED. (Note: A player may slide to prevent a goal or the ball going out of bounds.)

16. Yellow cards are a 2 minute penalty.

17. Second yellow card is game ejection/possible suspension.

18. Red card is a game ejection/possible suspension.

19. All team rosters must be finalized prior to the first game. Any team/player changes during the season are at the approval of the BWRSL Executive.

20. No team can pick up a new player 2 weeks prior to or during the playoffs.

21. No guest players at any time.

22. No player can play for more than one team in the BWRSL Indoor Season.

23. No player is allowed to play prior to remitting full payment of the player registration fee.

24. No off sides and no three line passes will be called in BWRSL Indoor Season. (Note: No lines to be concerned with at the indoor facility.)

25. All free kicks except penalty shots are indirect. (Note: Penalty shot- ball is to be placed on the penalty spot which is situated 3 metres outside the goal area. White dot above the goal area.

26. On a free kick, all players must stand 3 yards back.

27. Ball out of play or hits an obstruction is considered out of play and a indirect free kick restarts the game. (Note: Obstruction this DOES NOT INCLUDE the ball hitting the wire but does include hitting the ceiling in the case of the ball hitting the wire the game is played on.

28. No Goalkeeper may handle a pass back. They must kick a direct pass back not pick it up.

29. BWRSL reserves the right to change its General Rules and Regulations.

30. All food, drink, GUM, and Alcohol are forbidden on the premises. Players caught doing so will be ejected from the game/premises, and can be banned from the facility and BWRSL. These rules are in compliance with the facility rental agreement/contract rules, and noncompliance can result in league activities being canceled. (Note: Not up to referee to enforce. If observed, referee will bring this to the attention of the team representatives). Team rep to ensure compliance or direct the player to leave or advise the facility staff who will then end the event.

31. BWRSL is affiliated with PHSA and the OSA. And thus any disciplinary action that BWRSL takes may be extended by the PHSA. You will be required to attend their office to face a hearing and possible outdoor suspension. BWRSL will standby any suspensions issued.

32. Decisions of the BWRSL Executive will be final in all aspects of this facility.

33. NOBODY is allowed to play pregnant in the B.W.R.S.L.

34. If a player has been seriously injured or sick the B.W.R.S.L. reserves the right to ask the player for a doctors note before the player can continue to play. No note, no playing.

35. Scores/Standings determination
When determine standing teams points are determined by win, ties and loss Ties between teams in standing are generally due to the following:

Same # of games played, same results, that being same # of wins, ties and losses. When this is the case and the teams have the same # points, the following occurs to determine placement in the standing. Head to Head play, if still tied, goals for minus goals against.

When teams have the same # of points in the standings, however are not the same in # wins vs # of ties and #losses to determine placement in the standings the following is done: # of total wins for each of the teams in question, so if one team has more wins, then they are placed at the higher #, however if they are same in # of wins then the following thus still tied then head to head play is compared, if still tied then Goals for minus goals against. Note this is for determination of regular season standings.

Play off Standings
Round Robin playoffs w semi finals and Championship/ Consolation games. Ties are allowed in the playoffs round robin. Semi for the top 4 teams and finals no ties allowed. Semis for the top 4 teams- if finish in a tie go to Penalty shots- 3 per team, if still tied, then 1 each team till a winner is the results.Finals 10 min over Time, ( No golden goal) If still tied at the end of this then Penalty shots - 3 per team, if still tied then 1 each till till a winner is the results.

Placement/Standings from the Round Robin to determine placement in the semis. If teams are tied in points, after the round robin head to head play during the regular season is considered in determination of placement. If still tied then it goes to the teams position in regular seasons standings to determine placement.

If still tied after head to head, then determination will be goals for minus goals against. (Goals for minus goals against during the round robin are reviewed only, and not the regular season). Note Head to head play during the playoffs- round robin series is not considered because not all the teams play one another. BWRSL reserves the right to make changes to the rules during each indoor season.

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