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RULES: Outdoor General Rules and Regulations

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1. Soccer cleats and shin pads must be worn in all games. Shin pads must be worn under the soccer socks and must be covered.

2. Knee and leg braces must be wrapped or covered completely to avoid injuring another player. This also includes casts and other sports or protective braces.

3. No jewellery of any kind can be worn during the games – see link

4. Full team uniform must be worn for all games. All players are responsible for providing their own black shorts, unless another colour has been agreed upon by your team reps and the executive.

5. Bwrsl has a zero tolerance policy towards ref/ player assault, verbal or physical. All ref’s decisions are final. Players contradicting or questioning ref’s decisions or calls will not be tolerated and can result in disciplinary action including being removed from the game and or the league.

6. Bwrsl has a zero tolerance policy regarding alcohol at the games. This includes players and spectators. No alcohol is permitted at the permitted fields during bwrsl scheduled games. This is in accordance with the city of Burlington by-laws and rules regarding permitted field use. Players who contravene this will be subject to disciplinary action, including being removed from the game. Spectators are to be advised to leave, and should they refuse, the police will be called. The game will be cancelled and the team with the offending spectators will be given a loss.

7. If a team does not have a designated full time goalie, the position will be filled on a rotational basis by all the players on the team.

8. Player equipment rule: download the OSA rules

9. Game cancellation policy – see link

10. Min Players to play a game is 7. If both the teams agree; a waiting period of NO MORE than 10 mins to allow a team to have 7players. No time is made up for this wait, the game is shortened by the delay time. See the default link of the website to ensure compliance with the rule.

11. All games must start on time, if teams are not ready, the time starts regardless and your game is shortened to ensure it ends on time. It is the team’ responsibility to be ready to start when the ref blows the whistle. Games are 90mins if they start on time, with a 5 minute half time. Half time can be shorten to allow the game to be played. Team reps and refs discretion.

12. Game Sheets must be completed by each team and submitted no later than half time of each game to the ref if requested.. Refs can ask for it before the game is to start. All call ups from the Sunday(s) or the Tuesday division must be listed on the team‘s game sheet. Team reps are responsible for ensuring the ref knows and the other team’s representatives knows about the call up player.

13 Game sheets must be given to the ref prior to kick off when a team has call up(s) and one must be readily available and handed in to the ref if a player is given a card.

14. Player receives a Yellow card- team rep is required to report it by email to Discipline Coordinator within 24 hours. Second Yellow card in the same game results in the player being ejected from the game.

15. YELLOW Card is issued: Team rep you are required to ask the ref (who has been instructed to allow it) to sub off the player w the yellow card as a cool down period of a few mins. This is not OPTIONAL it’s now required per the BWRSL exec. The other team`s player who was also involved in the play if they did not get a card- you do not have to sub them however you should- if they don`t cool off then it leads to more problems.

16. Red card is a game ejection/possible suspension- team rep is required to report it by email to Discipline Coordinator within 24 hours.

17. If a team forfeits or is unable to field a team, the opposing team will be awarded the win by a goal margin of 2-0. See the game cancellation policy on the website.

18. All team rosters must be finalized prior to the first game. Any team/player changes during the season are at the approval of the BWRSL Executive.

19. No team can pick up a new player 2 weeks prior to or during the playoffs. See rule # 35 on player eligibility

20. No guest players at any time that are not registered BWRSL players. All players must adhere to the Call up rules within BWRSL’s rules.

21. No player can play for more than one team in each of the 3 divisions for the BWRSL Outdoor Season.

22. No player is allowed to play prior to remitting full payment of the player registration fee.

23. BWRSL reserves the right to change its General Rules and Regulations.

24. BWRSL is affiliated with PHSA and the OSA. And thus any disciplinary action that BWRSL takes may be extended by the PHSA. You will be required to attend their office to face a hearing and possible outdoor suspension. BWRSL will standby any suspensions issued. BWRSL players must pay all their own appeals fees and fines.

25. Decisions of the BWRSL Executive will be final in all aspects of this League.

26. NOBODY is allowed to play pregnant in the B.W.R.S.L. ( health and safety )

27. If a player has been seriously injured or sick the B.W.R.S.L. reserves the right to ask the player for a doctors note before the player can continue to play. No note, no playing.

28. All Teams can replace players up to 2 weeks prior to the season’s/ divisions play offs. Competitive teams must adhere to the OWSL rules and regulations regarding this. See refund policy on the website.

29. All players in the BWRSL regardless of division or team must pay 100% of their own fines. Failure to pay these by the player will result in the player being suspended from all soccer activities. this suspension includes from all divisions of BWRSL. BWRSL will not be responsible for any players fine payment.

30. Forfeit or points: game points will be forfeited by a team if they play an illegal player(s) or a suspended player(s).

31. Part time players: Sunday and Tuesday Division: 2 games month if there are 4 games, 3 if there are 5 games, no limits on playoffs games. Payment as a part time player: BWRSL executive will determine the rate each season.

32. A player will be removed from a team if she misses more then 3 games without notification. No refund will be issued until shirt is received and it is within the defined time period outlined in the refund policy.

33. Part time players – Both Sunday divisions and Tuesday Divisions: 2 games per month if there are 4 games, 3 if there are 5 games, no limit on playoff games. Payment as a part time player: BWRSL executive will determine the rate each season.

34. In the 035 Division NO Slide tackling is allowed/permitted for any reason.

35. Player eligibility rule - Adding a player: last date teams can pick up a player
• Tuesday League – 2 weeks prior to play offs (they must play that game)
• Sunday League(s) – two weeks prior to plays offs (they must play that game) See rule 19.

36. Scores/Standings determination

Regular Season:

Standing Determination Regular Season For All Divisions

Head to head

Goals for minus goals against


Standings Determination Play offs For all Divisions

Head to head (in pool play) for O35 its head to head play

Goals for minus goals against in pool play

Still tied then Team’s Position in season’s standings in the regular season determines placement

Playoffs - Tuesday Divison 1

Teams with a bye get a win recorded totaling 3 points. No goals for or against.

After the round robin play if any teams are tied the following will occur:

Head to Head play during regular season

If still tied after head to head in reg season, then final standings at the end of the regular season will be the determining factor for a teams placement after the round robin

Still tied then TeamÕs Position in seasonÕs standings in the regular season determines placement

Playoffs all divisions:

Tie breaking in Playoffs
3 points for a win
1 points for a tie
NO points for a loss (may prevent ties)

Play off Standings
Round Robin playoffs w semi finals and Championship/ Consolation games.
Ties are allowed in the playoffs round robin.
Semi for the top 4 teams and finals no ties allowed. Semis for the top 4 teams- if finish in a tie go to Penalty shots- 3 per team, if still tied, then 1 each team till a winner is the results. Finals 10 min over Time, ( No golden goal) If still tied at the end of this then Penalty shots - 3 per team, if still tied then 1 each till a winner is the results.

Placement/Standings from the Round Robin to determine placement in the semiÕs.
If teams are tied in points, after the round robin head to head play during the regular season is considered in determination of placement.

If still tied after head to head, then determination will be goals for minus goals against. (Goals for minus goals against during the round robin are reviewed only, and not the regular season). Note Head to head play during the playoffs- round robin series is not considered because not all the teams play one another.

37. Player Call Up Rule

• Both Sunday Open, O35 and Tuesday Division can participate in calls up from each other but not from the competitive division. Sunday open or Tuesday may call up any player of the same calibre from all 3 Rec divisions (sun open, Tuesday & Sun O35)

• The same player should not be call up more than 6 times for the same team before giving someone else the opportunity to play as a call up during the regular season.

• Sunday O35 Division may call up from Sunday open and Tuesday division players only that are age 30 and over. (exception to this is for position of Goalie full time)

• Absolutely no call-ups during play offs.

• Each team can call up players per game to ensure they have enough to play and or have subs.

• A team may use Call up players from the Tuesday or Sunday Divisions when their team has only 7 or more players and they do not want to forfeit a game. Sunday calls up Tuesday players and Tuesday calls up Sunday open players. Sunday open players can only play as a call up for another Sunday open team, if there is no one else available to play, but not giving up their own game, this also applies to Tuesday players – they can play for another Tuesday team if no one else is available. Exceptions can be made by BWRSL executive on a case by case basis.

• All call-ups must be reported to BWRSL. BWRSL will assign this each season as to who its reported to. BWRSL will track the players/ games and #’s of games each have played.

• Team reps must advise the ref and the other teams reps before the game starts who their call up players are they must be added to the game sheet also.

• The Competitive Division can call up from Sunday or Tuesday divisions to play games in the OWSL. This is under the rules pertaining to the OWSL.

• Competitive players cannot be called upon to play as call ups in the Sunday or Tuesday divisions unless they are also registered on one of these rec teams in BWRSL.

• No guest players are allowed. If you are not signed up with BWRSL to play in the BWRSL‘s outdoor season, then you are not eligible to play as a call up for BWRSL.

BWRSL reserves the right to make changes to the rules during each Outdoor season.

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