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RULES: Jewellery and Headwear


All jewrelley is to be removed, no taping of any kind is permitted that includes all rings, ear rings, piercings, necklaces and fit bits and similar products. The player will have to leave the field, and the team plays short ( can not add a replacement player) the Player is not allowed back on the field till the ref has inspected the player to ensure compliance.

Exceptions to this interpretation are:
• Medic Alert Bracelets are allowed but must be taped. The taping should be such that the description of the medical problem is clearly visible.


Hats - No hats are allowed on the field of play.
Exceptions to this interpretation are:
• The goalkeeper may wear a hat, or
• A player may be permitted for medical reasons on the presentation of a letter signed by a medical professional and validated by the District Association and a copy to the OSA.
• As guidance –
a. the hat may not be a baseball cap, and
b. If cap has a peak it must face forwards and have a soft peak. and
c. contains no metal or plastic parts
Bandanas - no bandanas are allowed.
Sweat bands - no sweatbands are allowed.
Head protectors - only those permitted by FIFA are allowed.
Eyeglasses - are allowed if they are sports spectacles and are safe for the players themselves and for other players. Materials such as metal or glass are not acceptable. In recreational and house league games referees are expected to show common sense and allow spectacles as long as the basic principals of Law 4 are met.

No Fit Bits


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