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BWRSL started out as an community based organization offering women the opportunity to play soccer. Eventually we became an not for profit corporation, however our values, vision and principle objective never changed. It has always been to provide soccer for women in Burlington that is cost effective, that supports women’s and their needs. To encourage, to foster the love of the sport and to build women up in confidence that they can play the sport regardless of what age they start. 

Our league allows women a space to play recreational soccer and get women out and active in the City.  It also allows a chance for women to come together and bond while staying active.  Our league helps encourage outdoor activity and fitness in the city for women of all ages. 

Prior to the pandemic, BWRSL also taught women to play soccer and ran frequent skills and drills programs to build confidence in women playing the sport.  We offered a Competitive league and had teams play in the Ontario Women’s Soccer League at a Regional and Provincial Level. Due to the pandemic we are not able to offer this. 

In Past years we have supported several women’s teams play soccer in the Master’s Series. We have sent teams to Australia, Italy, and New Zealand. We all hope someday, this kind of opportunity exists for BWRSL and our members.