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RULES: Outdoor General Rules and Regulations

 Soccer cleats and shin pads must be worn in all games. Shin pads must be worn under the soccer socks and must be covered.

2. Knee and leg braces must be wrapped or covered completely to avoid injuring another player. This also includes casts and other sports or protective braces.

3. No jewelry of any kind can be worn during the games – see link

4. Full team uniform must be worn for all games. All players are responsible for providing their own black or navy shorts, unless another colour has been agreed upon by your team reps and approved by BWRSL.

Uniform Rule, Reminders and Amendment Outdoor Season 2022: 

– Teams are responsible for their own jerseys, with numbers. Uninforms will consist of Team jersey and black or navy shorts. Teams/players shall not wear bike shorts/spadex shorts instead of soccer shorts. You can wear them under your soccer shorts as long as they are not longer than your shorts.

– If there is a jersey colour conflict for a game, the home team is required to change their jersey (new jerseys must have numbers on the back). Team colours will be posted on the BWRSL website for advanced notice. 

– BWRSL will allow the Hijab and longer capri-style pants to be worn by all Muslim players providing the hijab is tucked into the back of the players jersey to prevent any loose clothing from flying in the wind and possibly striking another player in the face. We also allow the new Sport Hijabs. 

5. Each team must have a designated first aider (no certification required) to be the point person for any injuries on their team. They can call the ambulance if needed or remain with the player if needed. 

6. Any team with players 26 years of age or younger must follow Rowan’s law (Concussion protocol see BWRSL website for more information) 

7. Covid guidelines: Please refer to the Halton Public Health Unit if you have any questions. 

8. BWRSL has a zero tolerance policy towards ref/ player assault, verbal or physical. All ref’s decisions are final. Players contradicting or questioning ref’s decisions or calls will not be tolerated and can result in disciplinary action including being removed from the game and or the league.

9. BWRSL has a zero tolerance policy regarding alcohol at the games. This includes players and spectators. No alcohol is permitted at the permitted fields during BWRSL scheduled games. This is in accordance with the city of Burlington by-laws and rules regarding permitted field use. Players who contravene this will be subject to disciplinary action, including being removed from the game. Spectators are to be advised to leave, and should they refuse, the police will be called. The game will be cancelled and the team with the offending spectators will be given a loss.

10. If a team does not have a designated full-time goalie, the position will be filled on a rotational basis by all the players on the team.

11.. Player equipment rule: download the OSA rules

12.. Game cancellation policy 

Field Closures

Outdoor programs operate on rented properties and may be closed for reasons outside our control. City of Burlington, school boards & private operators may close their grass fields due to rain and/or field conditions and turf fields may be closed due to flooding. If facilities are closed games are cancelled and will not be made-up.

Games cancelled due to thunder and lightning will not be made up. (Club discretion) 

13.. Min Players to play a game is 7. A waiting period of NO MORE than 10 mins is allowed for a team to have 7players. No time is made up for this wait, the game is shortened by the delay time. See the default link of the website to ensure compliance with the rule.

11. All games must start on time, if teams are not ready, the time starts regardless and your game is shortened to ensure it ends on time. It is the team’ responsibility to be ready to start when the ref blows the whistle. Games are 90 mins if they start on time, with a 5-minute half time. Half time can be shortened to allow the game to be played. Team reps and refs’ discretion.

12. Game Sheets must be completed by each team at game time. At the ref’s discretion it can be submitted no later than half time of each game. 

13. No guest players are allowed. If you are not signed up with BWRSL to play in the BWRSL‘s outdoor season, then you are not eligible to play for BWRSL

14. Player receives a Yellow card- team rep is required to report it by email to Discipline Coordinator within 24 hours. Second Yellow card in the same game results in the player being ejected from the game. 

15. YELLOW Card is issued: Team rep you are required to ask the ref (who has been instructed to allow it) to sub off the player with the yellow card as a cool down period of a few mins. This is not OPTIONAL it’s now required. The other team`s player who was also involved in the play if they did not get a card- you do not have to sub them however you should- if they don`t cool off then it leads to more problems.

16. Red card is a game ejection/possible suspension- team rep is required to report it by email to Discipline Coordinator within 24 hours.

17. If a team forfeits or is unable to field a team, the opposing team will be awarded the win by a goal margin of 2-0. See the game cancellation policy on the website.

18. All team rosters must be finalized prior to the first game. Any team/player changes during the season are at the approval of BWRSL.  

19. No team can pick up a new player 2 weeks prior to or during the playoffs. See rule # 33 on player eligibility

21. No player can play for more than one team in each of the 3 divisions for the BWRSL Outdoor Season.

22. No player is allowed to play prior to remitting full payment of the player registration fee.

23. BWRSL is affiliated with PHSA and the OSA. Therefore, any disciplinary action that BWRSL takes may be extended by the PHSA. You will be required to attend their office to face a hearing and possible outdoor suspension. BWRSL will standby any suspensions issued. BWRSL players must pay all their own appeals fees and fines.

24. All players in the in the BWRSL regardless of division or team must pay 100% of their own fines. Failure to pay these by the player will result in the player being suspended from all soccer activities. this suspension includes from all divisions of BWRSL. BWRSL will not be responsible for any players fine payment.

25. No one is allowed to play pregnant in the B.W.R.S.L. (health and safety)

26. If a player has been seriously injured or sick the B.W.R.S.L. reserves the right to ask the player for a doctor’s note before the player can continue to play. No note, no playing. This allows applies to concussions rules (Rowans Law)

28. Forfeit of points: game points will be forfeited by a team if they play an illegal player(s) or a suspended player(s). 

29. There are no part time players permitted.

30. A player will be removed from a team if she misses more than 3 games without notification. No refund will be issued Jerseys must be returned to the team.

31. There are no call ups permitted. No guest Players permitted.

32. In the 35 Division NO Slide tackling is allowed/permitted for any reason. Goalies are an exception to this rule. 

33. Player eligibility rule – Registration 

Adding a player: last date teams can pick up a player
• Tuesday/Thursday League – 2 weeks prior to play offs (they must play that game)
• Sunday League(s) – two weeks prior to plays offs (they must play that game) See rule 19

3. Player age eligibility Rule: Age requirements

Open age 18 and up

30 Division – must be turning 30 in the current year, or already age 30 and over. 

35 Division- allows for each team to carry a couple of players age 30 to 34 in that current season. It is determined by the club. 

Goalies: Can play in any division even if they do not meet the age requirement as long as they only play in net. Under age goalies cannot play out in an age group they do not meet the age eligibility or requirements for.

Competitive teams must adhere to the OWSL rules and regulations regarding age, when a player can be added to a team roster.

36. Division Assignment

BWRSL reserves the right to place teams in divisions and may move teams, mid-season to balance skill levels and maintain the competitiveness of divisions.

37. Scores/Standings determination 

Regular Season:

Standing Determination Regular Season For All Divisions

Head to head

Goals for / goals against


Standings Determination Play offs For all Divisions

Head to head (in pool play) 

For O35 its head to head play 

Goals for /goals against in pool play

Still tied then Team’s Position in season’s standings in the regular season determines placement

Playoffs all divisions     

Tie breaking in Playoffs
3 points for a win
2 points for a tie
NO points for a loss (may prevent ties) 

Semi for the top 4 teams and finals no ties allowed.

Semis for the top 4 teams- if finish in a tie go to Penalty shots- 3 per team, if still tied, then 1 each team till a winner is the results.
Finals 10 min over Time, ( No golden goal) If still tied at the end of this then Penalty shots – 3 per team, if still tied then 1 each till a winner is the results.

38.Discipline & Fines

Red and Yellow cards are at the discretion of the referees. Any player accumulating three (3) Yellow cards (while playing in any league, division, day for BWRSL) will receive a one week suspension and an automatic $100 fine. Yellow cards carry over from season to season, but expire 12 months after being issued. Any player receiving two (2) Yellow cards in a single game or a Red Card receives the OSA table suspension and an automatic $100 fine.

Payment of any fines must be settled prior to the next game. The team with player receiving the fine team must pay the fine before playing the next game.

Players receiving a Red card, in addition to the fine and suspension, are also suspended from playing future (league and playoff) games in the same season against the same team. Suspensions may be appealed in writing once the fine has been paid.

39. Behaviour Expectations

Repeated inappropriate behaviour will result in expulsion, and loss of deposits and payments from the facility, leagues and programs. BWRSL reserves the right to refuse future registration to these persons and/or teams.  Sportsmanship is promoted. Zero Tolerance is in effect. Any belligerent behaviour will warrant ejection of the offending team or individual players from the league without refund of league fees. It may result in permanent expulsion from the club. Bullying/harassing/ /belligerent/aggressive behaviour towards referees or players will not be tolerated, and will lead to expulsion for the club.

40.Heat Rule 

If the Humidex is 40 or less at game time (7pm or later) all games are played. Over the humid of 40 the games are cancelled for player safety. 

BWRSL has the right to make the decision between the hours of 5pm and 6pm and post the decision on the league’s Facebook Page. 

All team reps must check the Facebook Page for this information 

When games are played with a humidex of 35-40 extra water breaks are mandatory (2x 1-minute breaks in each half. No time stoppage in addition to the regular 5-minute half time. 

If teams and members choose not to take the water breaks, they can remain on the field…You cannot object to the water breaks. 

41. Jewelry and Headwear 


All jewelry is to be removed, no taping of any kind is permitted including but not limited to: earrings, rings, piercings necklaces and fit bits (and similar products). 

Exceptions are: Medical Alert bracelets may be worn but must be taped and secured but the description of the medical problem should be clearly visible. 


Hats: No Hats are allowed on the field of play


1- Goal Keepers may wear that 

2- Wearing of a Hijab: Per the OS, Hijabs are allowed and should be worn in accordance with Ontario Soccer regulations.

3- A player may be permitted to wear a hat for medical reasons…Must present a letter signed by a medical professional and validated by the District Association and a copy to the OSA. 

As guidance: 

  1. The hat may not be a baseball cap 
  2. if the cap has a peak, it must face forward and have a soft peak and 
  3. contain no meal or plastic parts

Bandanas: No bandanas are allowed

Sweat Bands: no sweat bands are allowed 

Head protectors: Only those permitted by FIFA are allowed 

Eyeglasses: Are allowed if they are sport spectacles and are safe for the player and others. Materials such as metal or glass are not acceptable. In recreational and house league games, referees are expected to show common sense and allow spectacles as long as the basic principals of Law 4 are met. 

No fit bits 

No Apple Watches 

No watches or any device allowed to be worn during the game

Repercussions for violating any of the above jewelry and headwear rules: 


42. In keeping with BWRSL’s mission to provide a safe playing experience, No video recordings or photographs are to be taken on or around the playing fields during play.

It is essential that we uphold people’s privacy and security.

43. For the safety of the children of our members, when unsupervised children are in attendance at any game on Norton Fields both teams shall sit on the bleacher side of the field and not the player benches. 

44. BWRSL reserves the right to change its General Rules and Regulations without notice.

45. Decisions of the BWRSL will be final in all aspects of this League.

RULES: Game Cancellation Policy (By-Law 11) 

Abandoned Games

If a game is abandoned due to weather more than 25 minutes into the second half, the game will be determined as played and the score will stand. If less than 25 minutes of the second half has been played the game may be replayed. If a game is abandoned for any other reason, the matter will be brought before the Board of Director(s) where a final decision will be make. This pertains to the outdoor season only.

Defaulted Games 

Should a team not have enough players to play a game (less than 7) the game is defaulted, and the opposing team wins by default. However the teams may continue to play a friendly game if so desired. This game will not be rescheduled. Game is recorded in regular season as a 2 to 0 win for the opposing team and a 4 to 0 win during defaulted games during playoffs.

Forfeit of Points

Game points will be forfeited by a team if they play an illegal player(s), or a suspended player(s). This pertains to both outdoor and indoor seasons.