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Multiple Leagues






** Room for individuals and One Team for Tuesdays **

We will be starting our season at the end of May and depending on the division, will end at Mid Sept or End of September.
Please send in your registration forms and payment indicating your team/division you are signing up for.
We are happy to announce we are again providing a TEAM ENTRY REGISTRATION FEE for all Divisions
Here are the details on the Leagues we are offering for 2024:
Open Age Division (Thursday night; grass/turf fields, full ref crew) $260.00
Over 30 Division (Tuesday night; grass/turf fields, full ref crew) $300.00
Over 35 Division (Sunday night; turf fields only, full ref crew) $300.00
No long weekend games
Individual Goalie Fee is $175.00 for one night and an additional $50.00 for each added team joined on an alternate night.
TEAM Registration: Minimum Team roster is 18 and Maximum is 25 players.The club is not responsible to place individuals on Team Rosters. Team Roster additions can only be done at the league discretion once the season starts.
Team Fee Thursdays is $4000.00 Grass/Turf Fields season ends Sept 12 Rosters are 25
Team Fee Tuesdays is $5000.00 Grass/Turf Fields season ends Sept 24
Team Fee Sunday 35 is $5000.00 Turf fields season ends Sept 29
No Long Weekend Games
Team deposit is $500.00 due by April 8, 2024 and is non refundable. Full team registration form and balance due by May 3, 2024. No Jerseys provided for team or individuals. Please note that we are not offering early bird discounts or payment plans.

Prices reflect the increased cost of fields that went up 3%, Registration fees increased by Ontario Soccer and HST is included in the registration fee for individuals and the team fee.
Please review the refund policy to ensure you understand it.
Registration opens up on Monday March 4, 2024 and will closes Friday May 3, 2024.
BWRSL reserves the right to close registration earlier if leagues/ team spots and
individual spots are filled and no openings remain.

Electronic Registration will automatically get sent once completed.

Send payment to once registration has been completed.

Individual Registration Form

Team Deposit Form

Team Player Registration Form


About Us.

BWRSL started out as a community-based organization offering women the opportunity to play soccer. Eventually, we became a not-for-profit corporation, however, our values, vision, and principle objective never changed. It has always been to provide soccer for women in Burlington that is cost-effective, that supports women’s and their needs. To encourage, to foster the love of the sport and to build women up in confidence that they can play the sport regardless of what age they start.
Our league allows women a space to play recreational soccer and get women out and active in the City.  It also allows a chance for women to come together and bond while staying active.  Our league helps encourage outdoor activity and fitness in the city for women of all ages.
Prior to the pandemic, BWRSL also taught women to play soccer and ran frequent skills and drills programs to build confidence in women playing the sport.  We offered a Competitive league and had teams play in the Ontario Women’s Soccer League at a Regional and Provincial Level. Due to the pandemic, we are not able to offer this.
In Past years we have supported several women’s teams play soccer in the Master’s Series. We have sent teams to Australia, Italy, and New Zealand. We all hope someday, this kind of opportunity exists for BWRSL and our members.


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